John Graham Campbell


Five paintings by Hondecoeter

In 1872, there was an assignment of the interest in an insurance policy for five paintings by Melchior de Hondecoeter then in London by the administrator of the estate of John Graham Campbell to Lord Brownlow. These paintings have not been identified but the records for Belton House show the accession of paintings by Hondecoeter in 1873.

'Fire insurance policy covering five pictures by Hondikoeter [sic] deposited in a gallery at 5 Great Newport Street, Longacre, Middlesex; the pictures being the property of John Graham Campbell of Paris. 7 March 1866. A note on the back, dated 23 May 1872, states that the interest of the policy has been transferred to Lord Brownlow by an administrator of the estate of John Graham Campbell.' BNLW 2/2/2/31 Brownlow Household BN Lincolnshire County Council

Notes;; Laing 1991 Alastair Laing, 'Whence this clutch of four?', Country Life, vol.CLXXXVI, 1991, pp.172-3.

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