Simon Halliday

Partnership Role

Herries, Farquhar

Banker (Banking)


The combination of roles in the Bombay police and as a London banker appears anomalous, but the presence of George Halliday as a partner in Herries Farquhar in 1816 appears to cement the identification of Simon Halliday of Lower Berkeley Street (d. 1829) as the Simon Halliday also shown as partner in 1816: normally reliable online genealogical materials show that a George Halliday predeceased his father Simon Halliday of Lower Berkeley Street (d. 1829) in 1820.

Firm Notes

A predecessor firm of Lloyds Bank, purchased by it in 1893.

  1. The partnership between Robert Herries, Thomas Harvie Farquhar, Simon Halliday and Thomas Chapman of St James Street bankers under the firm Herries Farquhar and Company is amicably and by mutual consent dissolved. Robert Heroes retied, the business was continued by Thomas Harvie Farquhar, Simon Halliday, Thomas Chapman, and George Halliday.

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 17099 13 January 1816 p. 74.