Robert Taylor (Senior) of Ember Court

Partnership Role

Hibbert, Taylors and Simpson

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)


NB Although this is highly likely to have been Robert Taylor (senior) of Ember Court as partner in Hibbert, Taylors and Simpson (and his son Robert Taylor (b. c. 1793) was perhaps too young to have been a partner in 1814), there were also other Robert Taylors connected with Jamaica at this time, notably Robert Taylor of Kirktonhill (d. 1857) and Robert Taylor of Broomland near Dumfries (d. 1841).

Firm Notes

Merchants in Jamaica, continued as Simpson & Taylor (q.v.)

  1. Dissolution of the partnership of Hibbert, Taylors and Simpson of the island of Jamaica by mutual consent 31/12/1814. Robt. Hibbert jun.; William Taylor; Robert Taylor by Robt Hibbert jun. atty; James Simpson Robt Hibbert jun. atty

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 17014 20/05/1815 p. 951