Anthony Littledale

Partnership Role

Bolton & Littledale
Name partner

West India merchant - British Guiana (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes


Inferred from the Waterloo estate PC case of 1830

Firm Notes

John Bolton, surviving Partner of the late Firm of Bolton & Littledale, Merchants Mary Littledale, Widow & Administratrix of Anthony Littledale, deceased They, the said John Bolton & Mary Littledale together Representing the said Firm of Bolton & Littledale, Claimants, On the nett Proceeds of Plantation Waterloo, cum annexis, Sold at Execution on the 9th July 1825; Philip Burrowes, so for himself individually, As in his relation as natural Guardian of his minor Daughter, Mary Burrowes & P. C. Masse, as having in marriage Anna Elizabeth Burrowes, Claiments, on the Proceeds of said Plantation Waterloo, cum annexis.

Firm Sources

Privy Council Papers online Case 1792_411 (1830)

NB there is more valuable detail on Bolton & Littledale in Alexey Krichtal, 'Liverpool and the Raw Cotton Trade: a Study of the Port and its Merchant Community, 1770-1815' (MA thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 2013), [accessed 15/02/2015].