Charles McGarel

Partnership Role

Llynvi Iron Works


Ironworks (Iron & Steel) £10000


CM was a lead investor (alongside James Cavan and others) in reconstituting the Llynvi Iron Co. In 1853.  CM invested £10,000 of £120,000: James Cavan invested £15,000; William Mitcalfe invested £41,000. CM had invested in the predecessor in 1845.


David Lewis The iron industry in Maesteg 1828-1885 pp. 26-

Firm Notes

Investors 1853 included William Mitcalfe (410 shares of 1,200 £100 shares ) James Cavan (150 shares) and Charles McGarel (100 shares). Cavan had originally invested in the Cambrian Iron & Spelter Co. (listed as such 1843), McGarel in the Llynvi Iron Co., on its establishment as a successor in 1845.  

Firm Sources

David Lewis, The Iron Industry in Maesteg 1800-1885 (August 2007) pp. 51-53 [accessed 01/03/2010].