William Alexander Mackinnon

Company Role

Trinidad Petroleum Company

Oil (Colonial - Caribbean)

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Firm Notes

Established to import oil from Trinidad from lands and estates 'provisionally secured to the company'.

Prospectus: 1. The sources of supply practically inexhaustible; 2. Transport simply from the colony: lake and oil springs so close to coast only needs shipment and at a rate lower than any other known source; 3. Good demand from England and France for oil to be used in asphalt and pitch manuf. and as lubricant; expectations of profits of 25% on the capital from the beginning.

Initial capital: £150,000 in shares of £20 each.

Expect to import 8,000 tons in first year at cost of less than £7 per ton. (Daily News)

Firm Sources

The Morning Post, 11 July, 1864; Daily News, 11 July 1864