British Guiana 2349 (Retrieve)

30th Nov -0001 | 172 Enslaved | £9235 7s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319.


T71/887: claim by Colin Simpson and John Croal, as sequestrators. Counterclaim from Colin Simpson and John Lane, as attorneys of Messrs. Rickards Mackintosh & Co., by virtue of 1st mortgage dated 08/04/1830. Counterclaim from John Vere, of Lombard Street, a London banker, as the surviving partner of the late firm of Vere & Ward Bankers & copartners, by virtue of mortgage by assignment dated 29/01/1830. Counterclaim from Mary Littledale, of Bolton Hall, North Yorkshire, a widow, by Messrs. Bell Brodrick Bell (her agents), for mortgage or charge of £10,000.

T71/432 p. 1278: 177 enslaved persons were registered by Alex Glen, for A. & James Glen, on behalf of Edward Dawson, in 1832.


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British Guiana
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Unsuccessful claimant (Mortgagee)
Beneficiary unsuccessful (Mortgagee)
Unsuccessful claimant
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Beneficiary unsuccessful (Mortgagee)

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