British Guiana 201A&B

25th Jul 1836 | 37 Enslaved | £2088 9s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.


The award was split: Farley received £1078 17s 2d; Campbell, Alves and Hart received £1009 12s 1d.


T71/885: claim by Wm. Campbell, J. Alves and Roelof Hart, as sequors of Mrs C.H. Gallez. Counterclaim from John Farley, as curator of P. J. F. Doscher.


T71/1253: letter from Leblanc Oliver Cook identifies John Farley as of New Amsterdam, and Wm. Campbell, J. Alves and Roelof Hart as of Berbice.


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British Guiana
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