Antigua 397 (Richmond & Howard's)

27th Feb 1837 | 325 Enslaved | £4525 7s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. The award was split: Liggins received £642 1s 8d; Snell received £3883 6s 0d.


T71/877: claim by J. Gilchrist, administrator of W. Maxwell. Counterclaim from N. S. Chauncy, of the City of London (Wilson Street, a merchant), as mortgagee.  


Caribbeana Vol. I p. 64: Wm. Maxwell, late of Carriden in Linlithgow, Scotland, now of Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, transferred the estate to Edw. Ellice and Wm. Holden in 1816. Wm. Maxwell petitioned Parliament to move 322 enslaved persons to Demerara (no date), stating 'That the produce of the said plantations is not sufficient to maintain such Negro Slaves and to pay the other expences of cultivation'. Almost all were Creoles, born on plantations. He was 'unwilling to sell and disperse them'; 'That Lands sufficient for the profitable and healthy employment of so large a gang can only be obtained in the Colony of Demerary'; he was seeking consent to move them.


Times 08/10/1845 p. 15: J. Liggins, of Mincing Lane, was administrator to J. A. Wood.

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Richmond & Howard's

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