British Guiana 555 (Endragt and Mon Repos)

12th Dec 1836 | 456 Enslaved | £22846 1s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.


T71/885: Hall and McGarel received the whole award plus £910 19s 8d out of the interest on the whole (i.e. £23757 0s 9d in total); Hamer received only the residue of interest. Claim from Wm. Atwick Hamer, as attorney and as trustee of the Hamer Estate, as owner in fee. Counterclaim by David Hall and Charles M'Garel, under a mortgage executed on 02/07/1816 and 02/08/1816 for £22679  0s 3d (plus interest of £1078 0s 6d). Counterclaim also from (Lt.) Michael Hamer, alias Michael Greatheed Hamer, of 87 Blackman St. Borough, as the youngest legitimate son and as having a life interest.


Two documents, signed by Michael Greatheed Hamer, were produced at the Board, showing the assignment of £3000 charged on an undivided third of the 2 estates by Michael Greatheed Hamer to Henry Percy Hamer, dated 02/09/1824, for valuable consor; and the release in fee of an undivided third part of 2 plantations by Michael Greatheed Hamer (under the direction of W.A. and H.P. Hamer) to John Gladstone, dated 28/01/1820.


T71/1593 p. 13 and p. 350: letters, dated 10/12/1835 and 09/12/1836, to Lt. Hamer, stating that Mr Boys, of Forbes, Hale and Boys, has 'proved upon oath that he had duly served you the Counterclaim with notice to you that a Replication to your Counterclaim had been filed in this office - he also put in two letters from you with an admission to that effect'.


T71/429 p. 382: enslaved persons were registered to Creswell Spencer in 1832, by Jno McAllaster.

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British Guiana
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Endragt and Mon Repos

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