Antigua 275 (Elmes')

17th Jun 1839 | 103 Enslaved | £1500 11s 2d

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Not listed in the Parliamentary Papers.

T71/877: Claim by George Buntin, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from James Newman, of St Helens Place, London, merchant, sole executor of Justinian Casamajor [merchant of London T71/1220] 'who was survivng trustee of a Term of 500 years for securing several annuities - for arrears of subsisting and determined annuities £1663 7s 3d And annuities now subsisting which together with the factorage now amount to £387 3s 9d per annum'. Counterclaims from Philip Lyne, of Westbourne, Sussex, as assignee of two mortgages for £13295. Counterclaim from J. A. Wood, judgement creditor.

T71/1606: letter, dated 26/10/1837, from James Sowton, 37 Great James Street, Bedford Row, demanding a rehearing on behalf of the mortgagees and counterclaimants.

T71/1609 (unnumbered bundle): letter, dated 06/01/1838, from H.M. Dyer, Marlboro Street, stating that 'My excellent friend Mr Lyne of Emsworth who is now interested in Elmes' estate in Antigua, expresses to me in a recent letter his great anxiety to be allowed a relaxation of time for producing the Bond [?] of an annuity deed'. The letter goes on to request more time and asks if his hearing is approaching.

Times 10/8/1865 p. 9: Elmes Creek was sold by the West Indies Encumbered Estates Court for £700 to Francis Shand.

Times 15/09/1820 p. 1: advertisement for the creditors of Justinian Casamajor, formerly of Potterells in Hertfordshire, but late of Rawleigh house  near Barnstaple, Devon.

T71/1220: annuitants = legatees of Matthew Christian 1777 for annuities of £1625 p.a.

T71/1221: 'held at the board' 11/6/1839: list of existing annuitants still living = Sarah Daniell £125 p.a.; Mark Noble Daniell £68 15s; Rebecca Coxen £62 10s; Mary & James Smith £50 p.a.; George Hooper £62 10s.

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