St Vincent 691 (Friendship)

25th Nov 1838 | 95 Enslaved | £2590 6s 8d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/892: claim by D. Forbes Sutherland as Receiver. Counterclaim from Warner Ottley and Charles Summers, executors of Robert Barham [?] Summers and Elizabeth Rio his wife, mortgagees for £5760. Counterclaim from Thomas Osborn and Deborah his wife residing at (F)renchay, Co. Gloucester, legatee of Charles John Warner with £8000 due including arrears and interest. A note says 'certificate of amount of compensation £2563 16s 0d and number of counterclaims granted to Warner Ottley and Charles Summers 06/08/1836' - but it's not clear what this refers to.

T71/1610: letter from another son-in-law of C.J. Warner, Stephen Briggs, Weir End, Ross, Herefordshire, dated 31/10/1835 stating the estate belonged to Charles John Warner and by his will, his 3 daughters got £5000 each. 'The Eldest dau. m. Dr Baillie; the next Thomas Osborn Esq. and the Third was my wife, who died without children. If Dr Baillie or Mr Osborn have received anything, I am precisely in the same situation with them as to the right of sharing - and shall be most obliged for such information as you may be pleased to give me.'

T71/500 p. 181: enslaved persons registered in 1834 by D. Forbes Sutherland  owned by the heirs of Chas Warner deceased.

See also St Vincent claim no. 696.

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Stephen Briggs was a correspondent of the Commissioners of Compensation for this claim, but it is not clear that he formally counter-claimed
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