St Vincent 640 (Mount Wynne)

23rd Jan 1837 | 216 Enslaved | £6124 7s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 322. Award split: £3062 3s 8d to Ress, McFee, Charrington, Nicholl; £3062 3s 8d to Nicholl alone. See also St Vincent claim no. 482. 

T71/892 Claim by Richard Nicholl, owner in fee. Counterclaim from John McFee and Richard Rees as devisees in trust of John Nicholl, vendors claiming £25822 7s plus interest for unpaid purchase money. 

T71/500 p. 151: enslaved persons registered to Richard Nicholl by Arch McFee in 1834.

The estate had been co-owned by Richard Nicholl and John Nicholl until the latter's death c. 1829. It appears that Richard Nicholl had purchased his brother's share but not paid for it by the time of compensation.

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St Vincent
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Mount Wynne

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