St Vincent 690A-D (Belmont)

5th Feb 1838 | 145 Enslaved | £3705 2s 7d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/892: claim by Wm Dickinson, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from Catherine French, of 13 Upper Gloucester Place, New road, Marylebone, legatee or devisee under the will of Robert Dickinson, for £4310 13s 5d. Counterclaim from Claud Neilson of Leadenhall St, London, surviving mortgagee for £3236. Counterclaim from Claud Neilson and George Hyde, 147 Leadenhall St, and Helena Cecilia Hyde his wife, surviving trustee and mortgagees amount due £3191 4s. Eliza Tucker Dalzell's claim (under St Vincent claim no. 689) was for the balance due of 1/4 of the estate of Robt Dickinson.


Award split. 90A: £1661 17s 10d to Catherine French. 690B: £666 8s 10d to Claud Neilson. 690C: £920 0s 6d to Eliza Tucker Dalzell. 690D: £377 3s 6d to Claud Neilson. 690C & D were awarded on 16/08/1841.


T71/1610: letter from R.W. Williams dated 29/07/1837: my clients Mrs French and Mrs Dalzell 'waited in England month after month, till May last, for the purpose of being present and of being examined if necessary'.


T71/500 p. 179: enslaved persons registered by Wm Dickinson for himself in 1834.

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