Jamaica Hanover 564 (Spring Estate)

30th Nov -0001 | 87 Enslaved | £1761 10s 9d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/872: unclear as to the resolution of the claim. Original claim from Samuel Jackson, as receiver. Counterclaim from James George Crabb ('of Sheafield in the County of Hampshire', according to a letter, dated 29/02/1836, from Street & Gilbert - see T71/1608), as annuitant of £500 etc.. Letter, received 30/10/1835, from G. Heath, 11 Chancery Lane, London, stating: 'As one of the parties interested under the will of the late Wm Dunbar who purchased of Wm Philip Menzies the moiety of an annuity of £90 which his father Duncan Menzies had purchased from Mr Montague the owner of the Spring Estate in Hanover...'.

T71/1608: letter from Penelope Ballard (late Crabb) and Eliz. [probably Eleanor] Crabb, No. 6 Augusta Place, Clapham Road, Surrey, re. an annuity of £50 per annum settled (by?) during the lives of his wife Mary Ann Barrett [= Basnett or Barsnett] and her niece Miss Penelope Raggatt [=Raggett], afterwards Mrs Crabb, Ann Barrett [= Basnett] and Mrs P. Crabb, 'our deceased (great) aunt and mother'. 'The payments were very irregularly made in some years altogether withheld, the last payment was about the years 1819 or 1820'.

T71/1592 p. 149: shows the Court of Chancery advising Penelope Ballard to obtain an agent.

Jamaica Almanac (1811, 1826 & 1833): show 'Spring, annuitants' next to Spring estate, with 93 enslaved persons.

Jamaica Almanac (1838): shows 'Spring, annuitants' next to Spring estate, with 76 apprentices.

T71/1592 p. 190, p. 281 and p. 366: shows Messrs Street & Gilbert (agents of J.G. Crabbe/ Boucher?) holding a power of attorney from Samuel Jackson.

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Spring Estate

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