Jamaica Westmoreland 268 (King's Valley Estate)

8th Feb 1836 | 324 Enslaved | £5725 2s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 63.

T71/871: claim filed by John Haughton James, as executor and trustee for Sir S. H. Clarke. Counterclaim from Dame Catherine Haughton Clarke and T.H. Milnes, as devisees in trust and executors of Sir S. H. Clarke's will.  

T71/1209: counterclaim from Dame Catherine Haughton Clarke, of Oak Hill in East Barnet, and T.H. Milnes, late of Liverpool but now residing at Long Pond Estate in Trelawny. John Haughton James was John Haughton James junior. All were devisees in trust of Sir S.H. Clarke; the beneficiary was the eldest son of Sir S.H. Clarke (also S.H. Clarke) on reaching 21. Counterclaim also from Francis Gore, Daniel Stuart, Caroline Haughton Clarke (residing at Sidmouth in Devon, a widow) and Philip Haughton James (of Sidmouth in Devon). Caroline Haughton Clarke was the daughter of John Haughton James, of Devonshire St., Portland Place, and the wife of Philip Clarke, of Hanover Square. Sir S.H. Clarke settled a bond on Caroline Haughton James and Philip Clarke (who died in 1830).

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Claim No.
King's Valley Estate
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Clarke, C.H. PofA

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