St Kitts 351 (Parry)

23rd Jan 1836 | 120 Enslaved | £1990 17s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 310.


T71/879: claim by Reid and Dixon. Counterclaim for the balance of purchase money of £3008 7s from Sir John Lloyd Duckinfield, of Park Corner, Hartford Bridge, and Thomas Garth, of Haines Hill, Wiltshire (Captain in the Royal Navy).


Times 14/03/1829 p. 6: reference to Thomas Garth's 'singular affidavit' as a half-pay naval officer seeking an allegedly agreed payment (for keeping certain documents private) from Sir Herbert Taylor and others.


Times 12/12/1829 p. 3: will of General Garth; Thomas Garth is shown as his nephew. See also Thomas Garth's correspondence with the Compensation Commission.


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St Kitts
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