Nevis 129 (Colhoun's Estate or Windmill)

23rd Jan 1837 | 134 Enslaved | £2416 18s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 314.


T71/882: claim by Job Ede, owner-in-fee. Counterclaims by (1) Charles Pinney, annuitant £200 for life nothing now in arrears (2) J.F. Pinney, assignee of mortgagee-in-fee for £8000 plus interest (3) [Major] John Matthew Williams of Stanley House, King's Road, the equity of redemption subject to mortgage.

T71/1622: arbitration of the Compensation Commission: George Pollard of the London Joint Stock bank, Robert Edward Case of Bristol, George Law of Lincolns Inn were trustees for (a) payment of dividends and interest on Charles Pinney's annuity 13/4/1813 [no apparent provision for arrears] and (b) on his death residue to J.F. Pinney for mortgage debt created by a loan of John Pinney to Wm Bowin, dated 03/10/1816 and 04/10/1816 and (c) any residue to Job Ede (of Southampton, Hampshire).


T71/1610: letter from G.B.Bow[r?]in, 14 Landport Terrace, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire: who has claimed on Windmill [sic] estate? [the letter was filed under this claim, Nevis no. 129]


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Colhoun's Estate or Windmill

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