Jamaica Westmoreland 266 (Glasgow Estate)

7th Dec 1835 | 87 Enslaved | £1812 6s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 63.

T71/871: claim from Robert Wallace, of Westmoreland, as owner-in-fee.

See also St Elizabeth claim no. 399.

Joseph Sturge and Thomas Harvey, The West Indies in 1837 (London, Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1838) p. 237: the authors state that 'We were overtaken in an early part of our journey to-day by the rain, which poured down in torrents for several hours.  Many apprentices have mentioned their being compelled to work in the rain to the destruction of their health, as a grievance to which they were not subjected before the introduction of the present system. We had now an opportunity of verifying the fact by our own observation. We passed midway on our journey by Glasgow estate, belonging to R. Wallace, MP for Greenock, and observed the gangs of negroes still at work in the field'. Ibid. p. 252: the authors saw a negro belonging to Glasgow estate, the property of R. Wallace, MP for Greenock (this statement is referenced to Appendix F, sec iv., but is not evident; instead there is a statement of Cyrus Wallace (pp. 253-257) - 'Mr WALLACE property, worse than any property in the parish; every property better than we', 'We are quite willing to believe that the proprietor of this estate has been kept  in ignorance of the treatment of his negroes; and it is not without great regret , that we bring these facts under his notice and that of the public in the present manner; but we are strongly impressed with the conviction, that there are no estates more oppressively or even cruelly managed, than those of many liberal, humane and even religious proprietors resident in England').

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Glasgow Estate
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Antrobus, E. of Sir CTrotter, EMarjoribanks, WCoulthurst and EA

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