Jamaica Trelawney 697 (Spring Garden)

29th May 1837 | 69 Enslaved | £1532 11s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 307.

The award was split: £720 10s 4d went to Wallace, Tasker and Robertson, 29/05/1837; £127 19s 6d went to Cadieu, 31/07/1837; £684 1s 7d went to Frater, 31/07/1837.

T71/874: claim from W. Frater, as executor and trustee to the heirs of Turnbull; counterclaim from Cadieu, as judgement creditor, dated October 1823, for £135 19s 6d; counterclaim from Wallace, Tasker and Robertson, as judgement creditors, dated June 1824, for £851 0s 7d sterling plus interest. Counterclaims also from 'Beatrice Kinghorn, The Children and other Descendnts of Marion Finlayson and the legal personal representatives of Jean Ponton for 3 Legacies of £100 each and interest from March 1824' and 'John Richardson and his wife for legacy of £100' under the will of Mark Turnbull, dated 15/10/1822. The claimant (Frater) refuted the claims of the Richardsons, 'stating that as Executor he is bound to satisfy 2 judg[emen]ts obtained agst his Testator & remaining unpaid - which have a prior claim to the legacies of the Counterclaimants'.

T71/1608: letter, dated 06/09/1836, from Johnstone and Farquhar, stating: 'the parties on whose behalf we make this application are also legatees for the sum of £100, and seem to have considered that their interest was included in the counterclaims already lodged, but this was not the case - they reside in Scotland, and were wholly ignorant that the time limited for the lodging of counterclaims had expired'.

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Spring Garden

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