Jamaica St Andrew 359

21st Dec 1835 | 18 Enslaved | £339 9s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 44.

T71/865: claim from Elizabeth Phipps, of Gloucester, as owner-in-fee. Letter from W.G. Balton [sp?], stating that Eliz. Phipps is a lunatic and praying that the compensation money may not be paid to Mr J.P. Hood, who holds a power of attorney from the claimant. The award was revoked in 1843 and awarded for transfer of stock, dated 14/06/1843, to the Rev. Chas. Gostling [sp?] Turner, as committee of E. Phipps, a lunatic.

T71/1593 p. 160: letter, dated 09/04/1836, to J. Phipps Hood, of St John, New Brunswick, the agent of Mrs Elizabeth Phipps, acknowledging the withdrawal of the counterclaim. Letter, dated 05/03/1835, from J. Phipps Hood, at Customs, St John, New Brunswick, stating that he had learned that Joseph Gordon had filed a claim but that Joseph Gordon had no power from J. Phipps Hood, who begged no payment be made to Joseph Gordon. J. Phipps Hood had left Jamaica in 1825; he had given power of attorney to Joseph Gordon at the time, but returned until 1831: 'I have further to observe that I am the only Person who ever received a power from Miss Phipps; and upon her decease the property becomes mine'; 'by making the payment to him it may lead me into endless litigation unjustly '. Letter, dated 10/06/1843, from Joseph Wright, stating that the Rev. Charles Gostling Townley, of Ilchester Place, North Brixton, had been made committee of Elizabeth Phipps's estate.

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