Jamaica Port Royal 76 (Chatworth)

20th Mar 1837 | 28 Enslaved | £630 17s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 296.

T71/864: claim from James Cockburn, on behalf of Yates and Cockburn, as 'mortgagees but not in possession as mortgagees'.

T71/1592 p. 171 (dated 06/07/1835); p. 181 (dated 17/07/1835); p. 200 (dated 13/08/1835): letters to Watkin N. Jones, of Liverpool, notifying him of a counterclaim by Mrs Jane Rowland as annuitant.

T71/1608: letter, dated 05/11/1836, from Watkin N. Jones, stating: 'The claimant is offering a sum of  money in discharge of her claim'. Letter, dated 19/08/1835, from John Nugent Fraser, Lieut. 37th Regiment, stating that he has not since the death of his mother in 1834 been able to get leave of absence to go to Jamaica to investigate claims; he knows it is contested.

T71/1592: letter to Lt. John Nugent Fraser, of 37th Regiment, Mitchell's town, County of Cork, Ireland, granting extension for filing a counterclaim.

Jamaica Almanac (1828): estate registered to Charles S. Cockburn.

T71/1195: shows Jane Rowland, of Park G[?]ychan in the parish of Mold, county of Flint, north Wales, as executrix of Edward Rowland, the brother of Gabriel Rowland, of Port Royal.

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Port Royal
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