Jamaica St James 152A-C (Potosi)

16th Nov 1835 | 189 Enslaved | £3421 12s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 71.

The award was split -

152A: £2210 16s 5d went to Frances [sic] Watt.

152B: £855 8s 2d went to R. W. Walker.

152C: £355 8s 2d went to J. Walker.

T71/873: claim by Francis Watt, R.W. Walker and John Walker. Counterclaim by Francis Watt alone, as 'Entitled to a moiety under indre 25 Aug 1829 and mortgagee of a term for self £500 together with £13 3s 9d for interest'. Therefore the 1/2; 1/4; 1/4 split was adjusted for the £500.

Jamaica Almanac (1828): Potosi estate registered to Samuel Hurlock (deceased), with 224 enslaved persons.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Potosi estate registered to the heirs of Samuel Hurlock.

T71/1593 p. 337: letter, dated 26/11/1836, to Wm. Mercer, 5 Miles's Buildings, Bath (Somerset), refusing to summons claimants and counterclaims: they will be there anyway.

Caribbeana Vol. II, Deed & Indentures, Jamaica no. 127: deed between Richard Watt, of Bishop Burton, Yorkshire; J. W. Peterson & W. Lambie, of St Mary; Richard Watt Walker and others, conveyance of Potoso and Orange Hill plantations. Note says of Richard Watt: 'See his pedigree in Burke's Landed gentry. Miss Watt of Speke Hall near Liverpool is present representative'.

See also Westmoreland claim no. 84.

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St James
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Oliver W (of Oliver, Leblanc) (A&B); Diamond, Chas Palmer (C)

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