Jamaica St George 164 (Orange Vale Plantation)

14th Dec 1835 | 160 Enslaved | £2987 10s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 301.

Alexander Thomson & others versus Alexander Grant & others.

NDO4/2: Jamaica Special signed for by Alex. Grant.

Paula Sanders, 'Orange Vale Coffee Plantation, 1780-1850' in African-American Archaeology, 26, Early Winter 1999: plantation was owned by John Elmslie, of London (1782-1807), then by Alexander Donaldson and his heirs (1807-17, and until 1847 abandonment).

Jamaica Almanac (1833): estate registered to the executors of Alexander Donaldson.

Henry Maddock, Thomas Charles Geldart, Sir Thomas Plumer, John Leach, Report of cases argued and determined in the Court of the Vice Chancellor (IV, London, W. Clarke and Sons, 1821) pp. 438-447: the case of Thompson vs Grant. Alexander Donaldson, mortgagee-in-possession of Brampton Bryan and Bryan Castle, foreclosed vs Richard Grant and others in 1805-6, and died in March 1807 on passage to England. Alexander Thompson was a late plaintiff, as trustee for Alexander Donaldson [?]. The issue was whether mortgaged estates could be subject to strict settlement by the mortgagee.

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St George
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Orange Vale Plantation
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Grant, Alexander

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