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Corporations, Global Business and Environmental Protection (LAWS0164)

Environmental law and governance is of central concern to commercial and corporate activity, in ways that are not limited to understanding the rules and regulations of any particular jurisdiction.

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Rather than a very general ‘introduction’ to environmental law, this module offers rigorous examination of environmental governance issues, such as those outlined in the syllabus below, that are particularly relevant for corporate or commercial lawyers, and that are transferable between environmental topics and between jurisdictions.

This module is also designed with environmental law specialists in mind. Working in environmental law and policy will almost inevitably involve, in one way or another, working with global business. Further, the detailed scholarly approach means that this module will enrich the study of environmental law and policy by adding a different perspective, and by addressing additional substantive areas of law and governance.

Two related themes dominate this module: the ways in which we regulate global business; and how we respond when global business escapes traditional national regulation.

Module syllabus

This module is subject to change.

The precise issues taught will vary, but the following issues are likely to be included:

  • Corporate social responsibility and the environment
  • Private standards and transnational law
  • Internal environmental management
  • Trading in the environment
  • Corporations, human rights and the environment
  • Accountability through litigation
  • Regulating environmental responsibility across borders

Recommended materials

Module reading lists and other module materials will be provided via online module pages, once students have made their module selections upon enrolment. No single book takes the approach envisaged for this module. The convenor is happy to discuss reading if contacted by a student during the module.

Key information

Module information
Credit value:15 credits (7.5 ECTS, 150 learning hours)
Convenor:Steven Vaughan
Other Teachers:None
Teaching Delivery:10 x 2-hour weekly seminars, Term Two
Who may enrol:LLM students only
Must not be taken with:None
Qualifying module for:LLM in Corporate Law;
LLM in Environmental Law and Policy;
LLM in International Commercial Law
Practice Assessment:Opportunity for feedback on one optional practice essay
Final Assessment:Essay (100%)