Checklist for revision
  Now you have worked through this chapter, look at the list below to see whether you have mastered the functions, grammar and vocabulary necessary to continue to the next chapter. Tick the box next to each statement that you feel applies to you. If you are not able to tick a particular statement, we recommend that you follow the link to the revision exercise next to it, and complete this exercise. You can print out the completed checklist and keep it for your records.



ask for and give simple personal information, such as my name, address and age

revision exercise 1

ask how someone is and respond to such questions

revision exercise 2

fill in a simple (registration) form

revision exercise 3

greet someone and say goodbye to them

revision exercise 4

provide basic information about my family

revision exercise 5

count to 100

revision exercise 6

form the present tense of regular verbs and use it appropriately

revision exercise 7

form the present tense of hebben and zijn

revision exercise 8

form the plurals of the nouns I encountered in this chapter

revision exercise 9

use the appropriate personal pronouns when referring to people or things

revision exercise 10