These are the words and expressions you encountered in luistertekst 3 in alphabetical order. Apart from specific expressions, words have been included in the form in which you would find them in the dictionary. You can find more information for some words if you click on the hot links.
dag day
eten to eat
idee, het idea
kalm aan take it easy
morgen tomorrow
stagiaire work placement student (female)
tegen here: to
tot morgen see you tomorrow
trappenhuis, het staircase
wanneer when
weer een keer again some time
winkel shop

Question words
  In this text as well as the previous texts, you have encountered a number of question words. For reference, here is an overview of all question words, and some examples of how they are used. For more examples question words, go to Lagelands grammar.
hoe how
hoeveel how much / many
waar where
waarom why
wanneer when
wat what
welk(e) which
wie who

Hoe weet je dat? How do you know that?
Hoeveel broers en zussen heb jij? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Waar is jouw huis? Where is your house?
Waarom studeer jij Nederlands? Why do you study Dutch?
Wanneer gaan we naar het café? When are we going to the pub?
Wat is jouw achternaam? What is your surname?
Welke kamer is van jou? Which room is yours?
Wie is dat? Who is that?