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Teach Too

Aiming to create a two-way street between education and industry, ensuring employers are engaged at all levels with teachers and trainers.

Teach Too

19 June 2017

By Lynne Rogers.

Teach Too is an ETF-funded development project in vocational education and training (VET) coming to the end of its second phase. Deriving from a key recommendation of the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning (CAVTL) Report, Teach Too is intended to explore models of collaborative partnership between employers and providers at practitioner level, in the co-design, delivery and assessment of VET programmes.

It has supported and evaluated 17 Demonstration Models, and over 40 Development Projects over the two phases. These are distributed across all the regions of England, cover a wide range of occupational sectors and levels of work, and also represent a wide range of providers, including FE colleges, independent training providers, and sixth form colleges.

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Training engineers of the future

The project has established a website which has nearly 100 registered members, a blog which has attracted over 50 posts, and has an active existence on Twitter with the hashtag #teachtoo.
The project has led consultation and dissemination events, including a national conference, which attracted over 100 delegates. Its final conference will take place jointly with the Two-Way Street Leadership Exchange project in March 2016. It has produced a Phase 1 report, and is in the process of completing a series of reports and materials on Phase 2, which will include a technical report, case studies with links to teaching materials and publicity videos produced by the development projects, a range of different publicity materials highlighting its core findings, and a series of short films produced to support dissemination of the main messages of Teach Too and Two-Way Street Leadership Exchange to a variety of audiences.
Two presentations on the Teach Too project have been made to academic audiences, one in Oxford and one in Singapore, and these are expected to result in at least one journal article locating the Teach Too project within research literature and activity on VET and on workplace learning and innovation in general.

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Changes hair salon, a Teach Too participant, describe how they use staff training to keep them a cut above the rest.
By collaborating to design innovative programmes and curricula, Teach Too aims to improve vocational learning by supporting occupational experts to become involved in teaching their expertise.
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