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IOE centre proposes changes to the future of work and education in the digital age

12 October 2018

The Centre for Post-14 Education and Work proposes the creation of an inclusive Social Ecosystem Model that links ‘working, living and learning’ as new parameters of skills formation in a digital age.

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The proposal came as part of the Think20 (T20) conference in Argentina.T20 is part of the G20 process and brings together academics and Think Tank representatives to consider the ‘Future of Work and Education for the Digital Age’.

The paper by UCL Institute of Education (IOE) academics Paul Grainger and Professor Ken Spours suggested that a key part of social ecosystem development is the formation of area-based collaborative networks, comprising educationalists; employers; local government, civil society. As well as this, the creation of local anchor institutions that utilise open digital technologies to facilitate skills development and civic participation was crucial.

The proposals are in response to the challenge to create sustainable, inclusive, educational, social and economic growth based on city regions.

Two other papers were presented at the conference. Paul Grainger and Mick Fletcher proposed a way to develop a trans-national resource that would enable the sector to rapidly identify approaches to funding and financing that might be most appropriate to different nations’ circumstances.

This would help countries over the world to fund post-compulsory education and help policymakers learn from the experience of others. 

The final paper, by Pauline Tambling with the IOE, focused on whether education and skills development can be more aligned locally, reflecting local work patterns and business growth. 

Pauline Tambling examined how the creative industries offer a model for a ‘place-making’ approach bringing the cultural sector, the commercial creative industries and education together to create more opportunities for local growth and development as well as contributing social benefits. Dr Tambling examined how this model could be useful beyond the creative industries.

Think20 took place 16-18 September 2018.

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