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Hole in your sole: an exhibition on art in education

31 October 2018

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) artist and teacher Andy Ash uses a new exhibition of his artwork to explore concepts of trans-disciplinary dialogue and knowledge with Art & Design in Education MA students.

Hole in your sole: worn shoe soles with holes

The exhibition is a collection of recent works by Andy Ash which investigates the relationship between the brain, the body and art making; a kind of dialogue with his neurological self.

Andy uses the concepts in his exhibition to teach students to question contested topics such as what constitutes knowledge within education and in the curriculum. He aims to create a dialogue in the gallery about the process of making art, and how trans-disciplinary collaborations such as between artists and scientists can generate new knowledge.

Lab coats printed with a heart, lungs, and intestines

Through a series of ink drawings, sculptures and objects Andy creates a space to ask questions about the relationship between anxiety, depression, dis(connection), dyslexia and creativity. In ‘Heel sole… heal soul’ he uses homophones to create linguistic connections between brain and body. In ‘lab coats’ he makes the conversation with our biological selves visible by bringing the internal, outside.

Mr Ash teaches on the IOE’s Art and Design (Secondary) PGCE, Museums and Galleries in Education MA, and Art and Design in Education MA programmes. He uses the practice of making visual art as a method of research into various topics.

The exhibition continues until 5 November 2018, in the Monitor Gallery, at the Art, Design and Museology Studios on level 8, 20 Bedford Way. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday, 9:30am-5pm.

Neurological processes listed on piece of art



Images by Andy Ash from 'Hole in your sole'