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IOE research centre launches series of educational animations

16 July 2018

Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources (CLOSER), a UCL Institute of Education research centre, has created five bite-size animations to teach people the basics of longitudinal studies.

Life Course - CLOSER animation

Funded by the ESRC, the animations are designed to raise awareness of the use and value of longitudinal research, and the fundamental elements of study design.

Mapped to key sections of CLOSER's online educational resource, the Learning Hub, the animations aim to educate, inform and entertain those new to longitudinal studies, including students and early-career researchers.

The five animations cover the following topics:

Viewers can access the animations on the CLOSER YouTube channel, or view them as part of the educational journey through the Learning Hub, where key subjects covered by the animations are explored in more detail.

Professor Alison Park, CLOSER Director, said:

"CLOSER's Learning Hub presents key information about longitudinal studies to those who are new to these unique studies. We're delighted to see that it is already being used across the world. Our new animations are a great addition to the website, and help communicate what longitudinal studies are, how they are carried out and what makes their findings so important." 

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