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Project holds first cross-country workshop with researchers and key stakeholders

23 January 2018

The project 'Higher Education, Inequality and the Public Good in four African countries: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana' has held its first major event.


The event was a cross country workshop bringing together the researchers and higher education stakeholders from the four countries the project focuses on.

The workshop, which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 22 to 24 May was aimed at planning around the project as well as initiating discussion and engagement on critical issues for the project.

The event explored the project's conceptual framing and key contextual concerns, both historical and contemporary that are important to each of the country contexts.

It was intended that the discussion, with individuals from different constituencies - students, academics, representatives from government and regulatory bodies, civil society and the private sector, should guide the study and provide the basis for the finalisation of its research design and instruments. 

The report prepared on the workshop captures the deliberations and the rich discussion that emerged, reflecting in particular how valuable it was for the research process.