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IOE centre launches new network for global education researchers

28 February 2018

UCL Institute of Education's (IOE) Development Education Research Centre (DERC) has launched a new network for researchers in global education, in partnership with Global Education Network Europe.

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The Academic Network on Global Education & Learning (ANGEL) aims to forge a European community of scholars in the field of global education.

Despite existing cooperation between researchers on this topic, there is no structural framework of support across Europe. ANGEL aims to change this and reinforce existing relationships within these areas.

It also aims to form a pool of experts which can become a resource for policymakers in search of strong research grounding for policy development. It is hoped the network will establish a community among early stage researchers, Doctoral students and Post-Doctoral researchers, who are currently engaged in research in fields related to global education.

ANGEL's advisory board comprises IOE staff Professor Douglas Bourn who is chair and Professor Massimiliano Tarozzi, as well as academics across Europe.

Professor Massimiliano Tarozzi said: "The ANGEL Advisory Board has assigned a special responsibility to DERC in playing a key role in the dissemination of Global Education across Europe and beyond. In the coming months we are expecting to involve hundreds of academics and young researchers from all over Europe to strengthen and even help define the direction of the network."

Membership is free and can be applied for through the ANGEL website.


Rowan Walker, UCL Media Relations
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