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IOE centre receives Wellcome Trust award

20 December 2018

The UCL Institute of Education’s (IOE) Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) is part of a diverse team that has been awarded the highly prestigious Wellcome Trust Hub Award.

Team members placing their hands on top of each others'

The Hub Award was launched in 2014 and brings researchers and creative professionals together at the Wellcome Collection to work as part of a collaborative residency.

Led by London charity Heart n Soul, this £1 million research project will bring together a team of scientists, clinicians, artists and many others, with and without lived experience of learning disabilities and autism, to explore ‘wellbeing’ and ‘productivity’ through the lens of disability.

Dr Anna Remington, CRAE Director, and Honorary Visiting Research Associate, Robyn Steward will join the team as part of the two-year collaborative residency in The Hub. 

Research undertaken as part of The Hub aims to provide new insights, forms of engagement, methodologies or interventions around a specific topic related to health or medicine.

The Heart n Soul-led team are the first arts-based group in the Hub’s history and the third residents of this dynamic transdisciplinary space. The project began in October 2018 and embeds public engagement within all aspects of the work.