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IOE presents 'Science Capital' research at major conference

11 September 2017

The Science Capital research team at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) will introduce the 'Science Capital Teaching Approach' at the Enterprising Science Teacher Conference in York on Friday 13 October 2017.

The conference is the accumulation of a five-year research project led by Professor Louise Archer, who will explain how the concept of Science Capital can shed light on why some students engage with science and others do not.

'Enterprising Science, a collaboration between UCL, Kings College London and the Science Museum Group sponsored by BP', partnered with secondary teachers across England to research Science Capital in the classroom and its potential to unlock the riddle of student engagement with science.

Professor Archer and her team will explain how Science Capital helps us to understand why particular social groups remain underrepresented in post-16 science, and why many young people do not see themselves as being a 'science person'.

The conference is aimed at science teachers and educators who are keen to make their lessons more inclusive and engage more students with science. The Science Capital Teaching Approach is designed to support inclusion, building on students' own personal interests and diverse experience.

The conference coincides with the publication of the Science Capital Teacher Pack - one of the project's major outputs. Participants will receive copies of the pack, will have the chance to hear from teachers who trialled the approach, and have a go at science capital building activities, such as tweaking lesson plans and monitoring impact.

The conference is hosted at the National STEM Learning Centre, York. ENTHUSE bursaries are available. To book now, please visit the STEM Learning website.


Image: courtesy of Cognitive