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Professor Alice Sullivan wins Health Foundation funding

15 December 2017

Professor Alice Sullivan has won funding worth £350,000 from the Health Foundation.

Alice Sullivan grammar schools

The grant will fund Professor Sullivan's project exploring economic and social values of health from childhood to later life.

The two-year project aims to generate new knowledge and expand understanding of the impact that a person's physical and mental health has on their economic and social outcomes over their life course and across generations.

As part of this, the project will explore whether parental and individual health status during childhood affects educational attainment and socio-emotional development.

The research will also examine whether health status during childhood and adulthood affects adult social outcomes, including wellbeing, partnership status and social ties.

Britain's series of birth cohort studies following people born in 1946, 1958, 1970 and 2000 will be used for the project.

The Health Foundation panel noted the project proposal brought together a very strong team with good knowledge and understanding of the datasets and the methodologies required to address the research questions, as well as a good linkage with stakeholders and a track record of successful dissemination.

The project "The economic and social value of health from childhood to later life" will run for two years, beginning in July 2018.