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Dr Révész wins TESOL Award for Distinguished Research

14 December 2017

UCL Institute of Education academic Dr Andrea Révész has won the 2018 TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Award for Distinguished Research.

Andrea Revesz

Dr Revesz won the award for her paper that presented teachers' perspectives on second language task difficulty.

The research analysed teachers' eye movement data and think-aloud comments and revealed that they were primarily concerned with linguistic factors when assessing task difficulty.

The paper also found that conceptual demands were most frequently proposed as a way to increase task difficulty, whereas both linguistic and conceptual factors were suggested by teachers when considering modifications to decrease task difficulty.

The award ceremony will take place on 27-30 March at the annual TESOL convention in Chicago, USA.

Building on from this success, Dr Révész hopes to continue research which has direct relevance for second language teaching.

She is currently working on projects investigating second language writing processes, sources of difficulty in second language listening and reading, and the role of tasks and cognitive individual differences in instructed second language learning.