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The UCL Institute of Education collaborates with emerging EdTech startup

6 April 2017

Researchers at the UCL Knowledge Lab are partnering with EdTech startup Edurio to develop a one-of-a-kind web platform that aims to improve the quality of education.

Edurio school illustration

Through using complex algorithms, the platform will collect and analyse feedback from students, families, and teachers in a more streamlined and efficient way than traditional pen and paper survey methods, which are extremely time and resource consuming.

Edurio aims to give a more complete picture of the school system - from assessing the impact of a curriculum change to diagnosing the type of professional development teachers need. Often, the only available data from a school system relates to grades and test scores. Edurio's data-driven insights will give key decision-makers a deeper understanding of schools and will help measure the impact of new policies, initiatives, or resources. This will better inform decisions and changes in education.

The team from the UCL Knowledge Lab will establish an evidence-based framework for what makes a quality education, which will inform the development of the measurement tools and the web platform. Many educators identify heavy workloads as the biggest barrier to productivity, so this framework will help schools prioritise areas for improvement and better allocate resources.

Dr Mutlu Cukurova from the UCL Knowledge Lab further explains the project's aims:

"Managing the quality of education in a school network has always been a challenge, often relying more on guesswork than evidence, due to the difficulties in collecting and interpreting quality assurance data across a number of schools. In a time of fundamental shifts in education and broadening technology access, this is no longer acceptable.

"Edurio aims to solve this problem with one product that not only enables a smoother survey process, but completely removes the burden of data analysis from school leadership and government education officials. This will help these people make evidence-based decisions and save time, which will reduce their workloads."

Edurio results Macbook

The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 SME programme for open and disruptive innovation. The IOE consultancy is led by Professor Rose Luckin, with Dr Manolis Mavrikis and Dr Mutlu Cukurova.

Founded in 2014, Edurio is now being piloted in over 300 schools, with 50,000 students and 5,500 teachers. The consultancy project began in early 2017 and is expected to end in August 2018. The project team hopes to improve learning outcomes for over 15 million students globally in the next five years.