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IOE academics write section for TIMSS Encyclopedia

18 October 2016

Science lesson

Dr Mary Richardson and Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Tina Isaacs have written the 'England' section for the TIMSS Encyclopedia: Education Policy and Curriculum in Mathematics and Science.

The TIMSS Encyclopedia is a comprehensive compendium of how mathematics and science are taught around the world.

Each participant prepared a chapter summarising key aspects of mathematics and science education in their country.

The chapters describe the structure of each education system, the mathematics and science curricula in the primary and lower secondary grades, and overall policies related to mathematics and science instruction (e.g., teacher education, instructional materials, and assessment).

Dr Richardson said:

"TIMSS are now considered an important aspect of school assessment within an international context. Our contribution to the encyclopaedia provides an overview of the current situation in England. Whilst the data show that overall, children in England continue to do relatively well in the tests, there was a notable decline in performance in primary science. The government is putting more funding in place to keep improving education in Mathematics and Science, but we have yet to see how effective such measures will be."