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CRAE welcomes its newest member: a humanoid robot

14 October 2016

Zeno the robot

The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) welcomes its newest member to the team: Zeno, a humanoid robot.

Zeno is part of the DE-ENIGMA Horizon 2020 project, which looks at social robotics as an educational tool to support autistic children in their learning.  

Zeno has realistic facial expressions, which are showcased in the below video by CRAE Research Associate, Dr Alyssa Alcorn.

In the video, Dr Alcorn explains that the end goal of the project is for robots to be used as an intelligent teaching tool:

"We're particularly interested in teaching emotion recognition skills. Some of the different facial expressions, like Zeno being happy, could be used as part of a teaching task for children to identify what those expressions are and also to work on other social interaction skills."

Zeno will be used in an upcoming London school study at Queensmill School. The purpose of this first visit is to understand which aspects of the robots interest the children and what they understand about the robots' behaviour.


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