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Doctor of Education programme celebrates its 20th anniversary

22 November 2016

EdD programme

On Friday 11 November, the UCL Institute of Education's Doctor of Education programme (EdD) celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Launched in 1996, the IOE's EdD programme was one of the first in the country. It is now the largest, with more than 250 alumni and around 200 current students.

Speaking of the programme, Dr Denise Hawkes, EdD Programme Leader, said:

"The current EdD programme combines the original programme (EdD - Home) with the latest version (EdD - International). The original programme aimed to provide experienced professionals in education with an opportunity to complete doctoral level research linked to their role. Building on this, the current version adapts the mode of delivery for an internationally-based cohort. 

"The programme aims to provide our students with the skills and academic knowledge to develop doctoral research based on real life issues in their work place. Throughout the years, the team have demonstrated this through their leading academic research." 

The event featured speeches from the EdD team and announced the EdD Programme Awards 2016/2017. It also gave alumni, students and staff a chance to network.

Sheila Barrett, EdD student, said:

"Thank you for such a well organised 20 year EdD reunion. I got a greater sense of the EdD and met some great graduates who gave me some excellent tips and encouragement."

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