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Debora Areces Martinez, Visiting Researcher

1 June 2016

Debora Areces Martinez, Visiting Reseacher

Debora Areces Martinez is a PhD student at Oviedo University (Spain), in the ADIR Group (Learning School, Academic Difficulties and Performance). Her research focuses on learning disabilities and ADHD, and on the early assessment and intervention for children with ADHD and learning disabilities. As part of her PhD, she has been involved in a national project assessing the Strategies of representation in mathematics in the first cycle of primary school education: analysis of its efficiency in children with mathematic learning disability and ADHD.

Debora will be spending the summer term at the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Research and Practice (LLNR&P), attending modules within the department and working on the data she recently collected on a measure of attention using virtual reality, and a set of Rapid Automatised Naming/Rapid Alternative Stimulus, reading and attention measures.

Indicative list of Debora's publications:

  • Areces, D., Rodríguez, C., García, T., Cueli, M., & González-Castro, P. (In Press). Efficacy of a Continuous Performance Test based on virtual reality in the diagnosis of ADHD and its clinical presentations. Journal of Attention Disorders. Doi:10.1177/1087054716629711
  • Areces, D., García, T., Loew, S., Cueli, M., González-Castro, P., & Rodríguez, C. (In Press). In M. Frazier (Eds). Dyslexia: New Assessment Trends and Challenges for the Future. Dyslexia: Perspectives, Challenges and Treatment Options. New York: Nova Science Publisher.
  • Cueli M., González-Castro, P., García T., Areces, D., Loew, S., & Rodríguez, C. (In Press). In A. Bradley (Eds). Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and anxiety: Implications of the comorbidity on executive functions deficits. Trait and State Anxiety: assessment, predictors and outcomes (pp. 323- 345). New York: Nova Science Publisher.
  • Rodríguez, C., Areces, D., García, T., Cueli, M., Loew,S., & González-Castro, P. (2015). ADHD and Writing Learning Disabilities, overlapping and educational implications. Insights on Learning Disabilities, 12(2), 121-146.
  • García, T., Rodríguez, C., González-Castro, P., & Areces, D. (2014). Executive Functions and their assessment in children and adolescents, Cognitive Sciences, 9(2), 102-116.

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