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IOE students 'play detective' for special Christmas lecture

16 December 2016

Psychology and Human Development

Students from the Brain and Behaviour module of the BA/BSc Psychology with Education programme 'played detective' during a special Christmas lecture, as they diagnosed brain traumas and clinical profiles from a range of selected specimen.

In this final lecture of the series, second year students visited the UCL Pathology museum at the Royal Free Hospital to interact with a range of artefacts.

The module teaches the students about how the inner workings of the brain (and wider systems throughout the body) underpin all aspects of human thoughts, feeling, action and interactions. In this lecture, students had the chance to interact with brain specimen displaying the brain regions they had learnt about, as well as a range of visible traumas along with the clinical notes of psychological and behavioural change. 

Dr Frances Knight, a lecturer within the IOE's Department of Psychology and Human Development, who organised the special lecture, said: 

"I am delighted to have been able to access such fascinating and novel resources for my students. I vividly remember seeing human brain specimen during my postgraduate neuroscience degree, and that experience had a lasting effect on my enthusiasm for, and understanding of the subject.

It is opportunities such as these that really grab the students' interest, and help them consolidate their knowledge in an applied manner. We had a lot of fun along the way too. I look forward to running more of these sessions in the future."

Hamza Falah-Butt, a student on the programme, said: 

"The trip was a great opportunity to practice and apply our knowledge to real life samples of brains, especially with the case studies which made it better and more challenging.

I felt that the booklet that was given to us was great in that it really tested our knowledge outside of the box and all the questions were relevant. The 2nd part of the session was also good, as we got a good insight from a Psychiatrist and she provided cases which we can again use our knowledge.

I really liked that me and my peers didn't use our phones to search for the answers as it makes it more challenging. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back."