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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

IOE Public Debates are currently being held online only due to Covid-19.

What's on

What events are taking place?

Upcoming events are all featured on the IOE website under 'What's On'.

If you are interested in subscribing to our IOE Public Debates mailing list please email us.

To receive updates about the programme you can sign up or follow us on social media:


What topics are covered in the public debate series?

The IOE Public Debates series spans topics in the field of education and related areas of social science.

Booking information

Do I need to book to attend?

You will be able to access the live stream on the IOE website, IOE YouTube channel and Facebook page whether or not you've booked. If you've booked, you will be able to receive event reminders to make sure you don't miss the start of a live stream.

How much do events cost?

There is no cost involved, these events are free to attend.

Can members of the public attend?

Yes, we welcome those directly engaged in education policy and practice, but also parents, carers and young people through to the interested person on the street.

Live streaming

Can I watch IOE Public Debates live online?

Yes, you can view a live stream of each event as it happens via the IOE's YouTube channel, and on the IOE's Facebook page. You can access the live stream link and further event details on the relevant event pages.

What is the event format?

Our panel events are around an hour. We will hear from each of the speakers, followed by a panel discussion and questions and answers with the audience.

How can I submit a question during the event?

  1. Tweet using the #IOEDebates hashtag and we will relay your question to our Chair, who will nominate a panel member or members to answer it.
  2. Comment in the video live chat box on our YouTube channel.
  3. Comment on the stream post on our Facebook page.

How can I interact with other audience members?

Engage with what other audience members are saying by following the #IOEDebates hashtag on Twitter.

What happens if I join the live stream late?

If you join one of our live streams after the event starting time, you can either follow along with the live stream, or rewind the live video to its starting point and watch from there. All recorded content will be available on our website after the event.

Debate recordings

Are all events recorded to watch or listen to later?

Yes, all of our events are released as a podcast and video and are available on the relevant event page following each event.

IOE podcasts are now available through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Acast, and SoundCloud.


I have an access enquiry, who do I need to contact?

If you have any accessibility requirements or enquiries please contact the events team at ioe.events@ucl.ac.uk. If you could contact us allowing for as much time as possible before the event we will be able to ensure where required the appropriate measures are taken.

Our live streams support auto-generated captioning. All video recordings are updated following each event with complete captions.

For further accessibility information please refer to the relevant accessibility info:


If you are a member of the press and would like to attend one of our public debates please contact us directly at ioe.events@ucl.ac.uk.