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Teacher Presence

07 November 2018, 2:00 pm–5:00 pm

Young girls in seminar

Beginning teachers have access to a great variety of behaviour management strategies. However, being able to use these strategies effectively is a different challenge.

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Beginning teachers have access to a great variety of behaviour management strategies. However, being able to use these strategies effectively is a different challenge. Knowing what to do does not imply knowing how to do it.

This course will give participants an understanding of the underlying features of classroom interaction in terms of how our body language and actions (as opposed to words) communicates our true intention to pupils.

Who this course is for

Secondary or Primary Head teachers, Teachers, NQTs, Trainee teachers, TAs, and any interested party, wishing to help beginning teachers or themselves.

Course content

During this course participants will be given a starting point towards changing patterns of behaviour (presence) that are ineffective in the classroom. The course is taught in one afternoon session, and we will explore the following in very interactive ways:

  • the three circles of presence (see entry requirements)
  • seeing others watching others
  • body language in action.

      Learning outcomes

      By completing this course, you will learn how to:-

      • become more self-aware in positive ways and understand how to access behaviour management strategies more effectively
      • understand how the Three Circles of Presence work in the classroom environment.

      Course structure

      The course is taught face to face and will comprise talk partners, group activities and discussions.

      Entry requirements and prerequisites

      Part of the workshop will use Patsy Rodenburg's concept of the Three Circles of Presence. According to this, being in the 1st circle allows us to use introspection and reflection; it is inward looking and useful at times, but not when relating to others. The 3rd circle is when our energy flows outward only; when we need to be heard by large groups, entertain or claim authority. This circle is useful at times but can be overbearing, and does not listen well. The 2nd circle is when we truly engage with others because we are fully present with them. The energy flowing out of us matches the energy coming in.

      Teaching in second circle is extremely rewarding and effective. Please listen to Patsy talking about 2nd circle. She wrote a book dedicated to these concepts called, Presence, which is available online but is not a requisite to this course.


      You will receive a certificate of attendance for completing the course.


      £70 per participant.

      How to book

      You can book your place on the course by clicking on the link(s) below. This will direct you to a form that you should complete and return to ioe.shortcourses@ucl.ac.uk. An invoice will be issued to your school.

      Available dates

      • 7 Nov 2018

      Download registration form (docx)

      Course Team

      Ms Paula Ambrossi (MA, BSc, PGCE)

      Paula has been a lecturer in primary education at UCL Institute of Education since 2007. Her work around Teacher Presence is based upon personal experience of classroom practice and more particularly on the interaction with and observation of trainee teachers in schools, focusing on the impact that an individual's presence has on teaching and learning. Other background on Psychology and Drama has enabled her to connect these areas into a workshop that gives students a starting point for change, when change is needed.


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