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Primary Foreign Languages - Creative Approaches and Content

14 November 2018, 2:00 pm–5:00 pm

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This half-day course will give teachers (from monolingual to native speaker) the confidence to develop their languages pedagogy in creative ways across the curriculum.

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This half-day course will give teachers (from monolingual to native speaker) the confidence to develop their languages pedagogy in creative ways across the curriculum.

Specific subject knowledge around Spanish is also offered. The course aims to motivate and develop (or enhance) foreign primary languages pedagogy and subject knowledge.

Who this course is for

This course is suitable for teachers, newly qualified teachers (NQTs), trainee teachers, English monolingual teachers, intermediate to native speakers of the target language, teaching assistants (TAs) and any interested party.

Course content

One three-hour session will cover two of the following strands:

  1. Intercultural Understanding: Placing foreign language (including Latin) teaching and learning in cultural and real life contexts in order to motivate teachers and inspire students (Music, Literature, Art, History, Geography, PE, ICTs, etc.).
  2. Language Learning Strategies: ways of teaching and learning vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  3. Knowledge about Language: Spanish decoding system (learning to pronounce Spanish in one hour).
  4. Oracy and Literacy: Spanish for beginners, intermediate or advanced.

    Learning outcomes

    Note that issues of progression and assessment are included as part of each strand.
    Depending on the chosen two strands, the outcomes are:

    • Finding inspiring resources that contextualise teaching and learning across the curriculum, together with knowing when to use the target language and when to use English for pupil engagement and learning in foreign languages.
    • Acquiring the methodology for the teaching of vocabulary and basic grammatical structures.
    • Being able to learn and teach to decode and read (pronounce) absolutely any text in Spanish.
    • Basic Spanish for the classroom.

    Course structure

    The course is taught face to face and will comprise talk partners, group activities (games) and discussions.

    Entry requirements and prerequisites

    Recommended reading: 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in English or French.

    'The Little Prince addresses fundamental ideas about life and human nature; its messages have made it a work of lasting value for all readers in all times.'

    'The Little Prince Critical Evaluation - Essay (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)'


    You will receive a certificate of attendance for completing the course.


    £70 per participant.

    How to book

    You can book your place on the course by clicking on the link(s) below. This will direct you to a form that you should complete and return to ioe.shortcourses@ucl.ac.uk. An invoice will be issued to your school.

    Available dates

    • 14 Nov 2018

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    Course Team

    Ms Paula Ambrossi (MA, BSc, PGCE)

    Paula has been a lecturer in primary education at UCL Institute of Education since 2007. Her work centres mainly on preparing primary teachers to deliver a balanced primary language curriculum, encompassing more than just the learning of vocabulary. Although the methodology is applicable to most European languages, she can provide specific subject knowledge in Spanish (her native tongue). Her recent book is titled, 'Mastering Primary Languages', by Paula Ambrossi and Darnelle Constant-Shepherd.


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