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Literacy instruction for children with autism spectrum using the ABRACADABRA program

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, 10 December 2018

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The Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Research & Practice (LLNR&P) presents their annual Christmas lecture with Associate Professor Joanne Arciuli, from the University of Sydney.

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Room 604
UCL Institute of Education
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United Kingdom

Many children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are at risk of literacy difficulties. As these difficulties can affect life outcomes in the academic, vocational, and social domains it is important to find ways to assist children with ASD to reach their full potential with regard to literacy.

Comprehensive reading instruction that is helpful for beginning, at-risk, or low progress readers, consistent with the earlier recommendations of the National Reading Panel (NRP; National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000), is likely to be beneficial for children with ASD.

Yet, there have been very few efficacy studies of comprehensive literacy instruction undertaken with autistic children. The freely available computer-based ABRACADABRA literacy instruction program is comprehensive in incorporating key elements known as the ‘Big Five’: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, and reading comprehension skills.

Associate Professor Joanne Arciuli will provide an overview of research on literacy and ASD and present the results of efficacy studies of ABRACADABRA from her collaborative research program.

This event is free and accessible to all. Booking is essential.


About the Speaker

Associate Professor Joanne Arciuli

at University of Sydney

Joanne's PhD in Psycholinguistics was conferred by Macquarie University (Australia) in 2004. Her postdoctoral fellowship was undertaken in the Psychology department at UCL.

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