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Education, humanitarianism and refugee crisis

17 July 2016, 3:00 pm–4:30 pm


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Tokyo, Japan

"Education, humanitarianism and refugee crisis: Critical reflections on education for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon"

This talk will focus on critical issues around educational provisions for Syrian refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon. Education for Syrian refugee children is a real issue in terms of access, quality and relevance which is creating an entire generation of young people without any meaningful education.

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There is an unclear link between educational training and employment prospects for refugee youth due to legal issues around work permit while the chances of access to higher education are also very slim. I will discuss how refugees are disempowered through political and cultural structures in the host countries and through the national and geopolitical interests that override the needs of refugees, making humanitarianism a service of 'selfish altruism'. Yet, education provides a sense of hope for a change in the future but most importantly, equips refugee youth to navigate through the adverse social, political, cultural and economic conditions in the host countries.