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Development in individuals with Williams syndrome

Understanding Williams syndrome and how better help individuals and their families.

Williams syndrome (WS) is a rare genetic disorder that occurs 1 in 18,000 live births and is caused by a genetic deletion on the long arm of chromosome 7.

Individuals with WS often show uneven cognitive profiles with better language abilities, compared to non-verbal or visuo-spatial abilities. This uneven cognitive profile allows us to get a better understanding of domain relevant abilities for particular cognitive outcomes in life, and may give us a better insight into the kind of interventions and support that should be provided for those with WS and their families.


Our research focuses on:

  • Obtaining a better understanding of development in Williams syndrome across the life span: evidence from cross-sectional and longitudinal data
  • Individual differences related to development in Williams syndrome
  • How children with Williams syndrome can be supported in the classroom.

Current studies:

Guidance for parents and professionals