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Exploring the Praxis of 'Co-Curation' and Community Co-Curation with UK Museums and Galleries

A Method-Assembly Approach

Miriam Craik-Horan

UK museums are increasingly conscious of the value that active audience involvement can create within both established and evolving institutional practices, especially in sustaining their position socially and culturally amidst the sector's present conditions of heightened economic volatility.

My PhD aims to contribute theoretical and methodological knowledge in response to this emergent practice. It uses qualitative and ethnographic methods to investigate recent developments in two museum settings, involving audience participants as 'co-curators' within core programming. Exploring the epistemic and ethical relations underpinning these collaborative and connective practices, and contextually navigating their potentials and problematics, it asks: (1) what is the distinctive contribution of 'co-curating' as cultural learning praxis; and (2) what are its ethical implications for audience engagement in museums?

Primary Supervisor: Dr Claire Robins; Secondary Supervisor: Professor Pam Meecham